5 Igloofest 2016 MontrÈal


Get your locker and party freely !


We're in charge of your charge !

Easy as pie!

  1. 1

    Reserve your locker:

    Ensure peace of mind and reserve your locker prior to the event.
    Click on the link of your favorite event and follow the easy steps.

  2. 2

    Finalize the transaction

    As soon as you are done with the transaction, a confirmation email will be sent confirming your purchase.

  3. 3

    Drop your things and party!

    When you arrive to the event, no need to wait in line! You will already have all the information regarding your locker rental in the email.

    - On site location of your locker
    - Your locker number and combination

    Simply go straight to your locker, drop your stuff and party without a worry!
    Our team will be on site at all times! Come see us!

Téléphone Locketgo - 1,2,3,Go!

We are proud to have contributed to the success of their events