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Locket Go Locket Go

Rent a locker now !

The rental includes:

  • One locker of 12’’ wide by 12’’ large by 18’’ deep
  • Unlimited all-day access to your locker
  • A lock and a lock combination

For the lockers with phone chargers:

  • Every locker contains one charging cable for micro-usb and Iphone 4-5-6-7-8. For the Usb-C adaptor, please ask a Locketgo employee on site.

The lockers are located outside the main site, on the corner of Notre-Dame and rue Docteur Marcel-Ménard.

Book your locker

Once you have completed your online reservation, you will receive an email validating your purchase and including:

  • On site location of your locker
  • Your locker number
  • Your lock number and combination

Our team will be on site at all times! Come see us!

Locker booking

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Corner of Notre-Dame & docteur Marcel-Ménard

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