My business partner Gabrielle has the superpower of the pitch! After more than one hundred pitches, she is always able to surprise me with her composure, her calmness, her casual style, carefree spirit and her spontaneity!



A first anecdote comes to my mind: the Demo Day event. It was the most important pitch in the company's history, the pinnacle of our participation in the FounderFuel accelerator. It was our moment to shine in front of more than 1500 people after four months of hard work! We had to give a presentation on a stage, for no longer than 5 minutes, without monitors or note sheets ... nothing at all. The whole team had worked hard during the previous month to perfect their speeches.

Speech day arrived! On stage, Gabrielle gave out a flamboyant energy, she did not recite her speech word by word but interpreted it with ease and seemed to be actually having fun! I heard her pitch so much that I knew almost every sentence but she managed to surprise me at the end by saying: "Such an ambitious project would never have been possible without the help of my amazing team. Shout out to my team! Where are you guys? ". Thinking back, I giggle a bit because this kind of evening is usually quite conservative and formal, there is no shout out! To this day, people still come to us mentioning how great the speech was at Founderfuel demo day!

Second anecdote: at the pitch for the board of directors of the Fondation Montreal inc. Gabrielle seized the opportunity to present Locketgo to a league of guests composed of lawyers, bankers, investors, politicians and entrepreneurs. While she was talking about our plan to include the delivery of food and drink into our lockers, someone in the audience bursted out laughing. Instead of ignoring the fact that this person found what she was saying rather amusing, Gabrielle skillfully took this chance and pulled the trigger by saying "Imagine! You take a big diet Coke and a poutine, it would be great to order and get a signal at the time of delivery at the cashier, right? Wow! I was a little stunned by her ease of speaking in this way in front of a crowd of very important people. It made them laugh, that's important!

We often say it as a joke but mastering the pitch is the ultimate tool that all entrepreneurs should have! #Thepowerofthepitch


Co-founder Locketgo