Frequently asked questions

If you have reserved lockers for an event, you can access them via our portal for the duration of the reservation. You’ll also receive a text message and/or email notification some time before the beginning of the event.

For certain events like festivals, you can select a locker as an add-on option at checkout up to 48 hours before its start. Afterwards, you can reserve lockers through Locketgo via microsites like : ou

For other events, you have the possibility to reserve them directly on the microsite of the event, like:

Locketgo is a Canadian (Montreal) company whose mission is to be locals’ preferred network in last mile delivery.

Drop offs and pick ups in local and hyper-local locker banks.

We make the final phase of the last mile delivery quick, easy, secure, and sanitary.

  • For merchants Order a locker > drop off your customer’s order into the locker > your customer receives a notification via SMS and/or email > your customer picks up their order > you, the merchant, are notified.
  • For customers: Receive a notification of delivery via SMS and/or email
  • For residents of a building: Receive a notification of delivery via voice notification, SMS and/or email
  • For property managers/concierges: Rest assured that delivery companies drop off average-sized packages into your secure and sanitary lockers. (You’ll be freeing up your staff and making your lobbies less congested. And bonus: less unwanted traffic in your hallways).
  • For delivery companies and returns management: On the built-in kiosk in the locker bank, select your delivery company > select the recipient > drop off the package (the recipient is automatically notified). (This means faster drop offs, more drop off density, less failed deliveries, time and resources saved. Let’s not forget; keeping your human interactions at a minimum too). Ask us about the possibility of integrating with us via API and we’ll send you our tech docs:
  • For personal storage: Lockers get installed, a microsite is built for your event, and event-goers log in to reserve and manage their self-serve lockers. No extra staff is required to manage these beautiful boxes.

Most definitely. Especially in these times, we’ve understood the importance of reducing your hours of operation, while extending availability. That is why our locker service is available 24/7 for both drop offs and pick ups.

Absolutely! We’ve built our non-porous lockers with sanitation in mind, and our system with speed of delivery in mind. No human interaction is necessary. Just drop off your customer’s order, and they will be automatically notified by SMS and email for pick up.

Yes! We are expanding our network of Lockers to cover the city. Take two minutes to apply for an account and we’ll get you set up to get delivering.

At present, our service for merchants is sponsored by local economic development groups. Each group has its own pricing model. Speak with your local economic development group to find our more.

Delivery companies simply select your apartment number from a drop-down list on the built-in kiosk. You will receive a notification of delivery by voice notification, SMS, and/or email, depending on how we’re connected to your apartment building’s system setup.

Locketgo is your space, any place.

For any other questions or comments, write us at We’re pretty good at answering within 24 hours.

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