Smart solutions in chaotic times

Your space, any place.


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Amid the chaos, something beautiful is happening at Locketgo. It has been working on an important project with a proven model in continents like Europe and Asia, serving people-dense countries like China.

A project so important to develop in North America if the continent is to be sustainable in environment and supply chain. A project so important that among the chaos, it’s just business as usual for its employees. Because they know now’s the time.


Ecommerce, a $2.8 trillion (1) global market, has seen a major uptake with the introduction of viruses like COVID-19 (2). Last mile delivery - the final phase of the delivery process where the parcel reaches the end-customer - is the most time-consuming and expensive part (3) of the Ecommerce cycle. Case and point: door-to-door delivery is not a sustainable model.

Pollution, returns management, and theft are but a few of the problems with the way we currently do things. We can also need to talk about the ever-evolving needs of the customer; the fluid, on-demand experience they are looking for. Hello Locketgo.


Buy online, pick up in store.

Buy online, pick up in your neighbourhood.

Buy online, pick up near your gym, work, or near aunt Mary’s place. Retailers are going to need secure drop-off points for their items.

Door-to-door delivery is not sustainable.

Locketgo is a smart storage solution.

It’s your space, any place.


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Gabrielle La Rue, CEO

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(2), March 19

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