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When the game starts, be in your seat, not in line

When was the last time you enjoyed waiting in line?

The year was 2016, and Gabrielle, our founder, was waiting in line at a festival to check her bag. The headliner was coming soon, and Gab was not about to miss them due to a mismanaged coat check. After finding an appropriately sized bush to hide her bag in, Gab enjoyed the headliner and skipped the bag line on the way out, but with a new idea forming in her mind.

LocketGo was founded with the mission of making guest bags and coat check as smooth as possible. We eliminate line-ups, reduce operational costs, all while providing your venue with a new, reliable revenue stream.

What do we do?


Transform your painful traditional coat check into a revenue-generating, self operated, and best-in-class guest experience.


Less missed delivery attempts, fewer trucks in our streets, better citizen and consumer experience. Let’s solve the last mile problem once and for all.
We understand the frustrations that can come with traditional coat check; as a guest and as an employee. The old-fashioned way of getting a bag and giving a ticket leads to long lines, extra costs, and most importantly, unhappy guests.

LocketGo’s smart lockers offer an independent and quick process that allows guests to book a locker on site in under a minute. No more waiting in-line, extra labor costs or lost tickets
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“ LocketGo optimized the guest experience while relieving us of major operational headaches ”

- Pascal Gascon (Director of Operations, Super Aqua Club)

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