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Missed deliveries & stolen parcels?

LocketGo offers an innovative delivery system to ensure that packages arrive efficiently, safely and solve the last mile delivery problem for good.  Our solution directly impacts retailers, carriers and consumers for the better.

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Direct home shipping, though convenient for the buyer, leads you, the retailer, with extra costs. Whether it is because of delivery, returns, or just missing packages, you could be left paying much more than you wanted.


We solve that problem by reducing your delivery costs, ensuring packages are delivered properly, and creating an efficient and simple return system so you can spend more time in your store and less with your accountant.

smart lockers  foR


Shipping individual packages to individual people leads to more waste, longer hours and higher costs. By using our lockers, you can drop off multiple packages at the same time in the same place. Our lockers allow you to save time and money by cutting shipping time, reducing gas use and allowing your drivers to deliver during quieter driving hours.

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Ok, home delivery can be sweet; assuming you’re home, the delivery comes on time, the shipping price isn’t too high and the package doesn’t get stolen. If you use our lockers, all of that goes away. Reduction in shipping prices, easy return, and no stolen packages. We’ll notify you when it arrives and you can pick it up on your way home.

LocketGo- Woman using locketgo's smart locker
LocketGo- Woman using locketgo's smart locker

business cases for PARCELS

In our business cases you can see the before and after installing our smart lockers. Take a look of the positive change it made in these companies.

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