I have reserved lockers for an event, how can I access them?

If you have reserved lockers for an event, you can access them through our portal for the duration of the reservation. You will also receive a text notification and/or email sometime before the event starts.

I want to book a locker for an event

  • For some events like festivals, you can add lockers to your ticket order up to 48 hours before the start of the event. Afterwards you can book them with LocketGo via: ilesonqiq.locketgo.com or osheaga.locketgo.com
  • For other events, you have the option to book directly on our even host micrositre, such as centrebell.locketgo.com

What is LocketGo?

LocketGo is a smart locker tech company providing fast and easy access to a safe storage space.

Say again?

Drop-off and pick-up at local and hyperlocal locker lots

How does that work?

So glad you asked! We make the final phase of last mile delivery fast, easy, safe and sanitary (that last one is more important than ever)

  • For merchants Order a locker > place your customer's order in the locker > your customer receives a notification by SMS and/or email > your customer collects his order > you, the merchant, are notified.
  • For customers: receive a delivery notification by SMS and/or email.
  • For residents of a building: Receive a delivery notification by voice notification, SMS and/or email.
  • For Property Managers/Concierges: Rest assured that delivery companies drop off mid-size packages in your secure and sanitary lockers. (You'll free up your staff and your lobbies will be less cluttered. And bonus: less unwanted traffic in your hallways).
  • For delivery companies and return management: On the integrated terminal in the bank of lockers, select your delivery company > select the recipient > drop off the package (the recipient is automatically notified). (That means faster deliveries, higher density of deliveries, fewer missed deliveries, time and resources saved. Let's not forget; keep your human interactions to a minimum too). Ask us about the possibility of integrating via the API and we will send you our technical documents: info@locketgo.com
  • For personal storage: Lockers are installed, a microsite is designed for your event, and event attendees log in to reserve and manage their self-service lockers. No additional staff is required to manage these beautiful boxes.

I am a merchant and I want my customers to pick up their orders after my store closes.
Can my customers access LocketGo lockers late at night?

Absolutely! We totally understand that you can’t stay open forever, but still may want to ensure availability to your customers. Our lockers are there for you 24/7, 365 days a year (366 on leap years)

I am a merchant and I want my customers to pick up their orders without contact. Can this be done using LocketGo lockers?

Definitely. We build our non-porous lockers with the idea of prioritizing sanitation and our reservation platform ensures quick and easy delivery. No human interaction is necessary. Just drop off the package and we’ll take care of it until the customer comes to get it.

I am a merchant and I deliver orders directly to the door of my customers. Sometimes they are not at home. Can I drop off their order at the closest LocketGo locker?

For sure. We want our lockers to cover everything. You can set up an account with us in 2 minutes and we will be able to offer you this service.

I am a trader. How much will it cost me to deliver to LocketGo lockers?

Currently, our merchant service is sponsored by local economic development corporations. Each group has its own pricing model. Speak with your local economic development corporation to learn more.

There are LocketGo lockers in front of my building. How can I get deliveries through them?

Delivery companies simply select your apartment number from a drop-down list on the built-in kiosk. You will receive delivery notification by voice notification, SMS and/or email, depending on how we are connected to your building's system configuration.

LocketGo is your space, everywhere.

For any other questions or comments, email us at support@locketgo.com
We're pretty good at responding in less than 24 hours.