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The year was 2016, and Gabrielle (our founder) was waiting in line at a festival to check her bag. The headliner was coming soon, and Gab was not about to miss them due to a mismanaged coat check. After finding an appropriately sized bush to hide her bag in, Gab enjoyed the headliner and skipped the bag line on the way out, but with a new idea forming in her mind.

LocketGo was founded with the mission of making guest bags and coat check as smooth as possible. We eliminate line-ups, reduce operational costs, all while providing your venue with a new, reliable revenue stream.

Our Founder
Gabrielle La Rue founded LocketGo in 2016, Montreal, QC, Canada.
Our Vision
The friendliest logistics company in the world
Our Mission
Smart pickup and drop off for everyone
Our Values
Transparency, Customer-oriented, Innovation, Diversity and inclusion, Environment and Team work.

Founder and ceo

Gabrielle La rue

Gabrielle La Rue started her career at Evenko where she learned about events and the music space. At the age of 29, she decided to quit her job and launch Locketgo. She is a singer, songwriter and Juno’s dog mom.

LocketGo-Gabrielle La Rue-CEO

Gabrielle La Rue

Founder & CEO

10+ years of expertise in the entertainment industry

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Aaron Linden

Chief Operations Officer (COO)

10+ years experience scaling efficiently SMEs

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Jean Carrier

Chief Sales Officer (CSO)

15+ years of expertise in E-commerce and Logistics

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Keith Schupp

VP Sales USA

20+ years experience in smart lockers sales

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Maëlle Ratheau

Operations & Project Manager

Skilled in project planning, logistics  and operations management

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Jhonatan Orjuela

Software Development Manager

15+ years of expertise in building scalable and secure softwares, and IoT products

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Louis Luu Lim

Full-Stack Developer

Competent at back-end developement, C#, and application developer

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Raphael Camara

Software Developer

Proficient in HTML, Javascript and C#

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Nicolas Parent

Software Developer

Proficient with web development, C#, HTML and Javascript

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Antoine La Rue

Executive Assistant

Skilled in administrative assistance and sense of organization

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Maria Diaz

Graphic Designer

Proficient in UX/UI, Web/App, brand, print media design and social media

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Barketing Manager

Expert in playing and getting the team's attention

Why Choose LocketGo?

Looking for a company where you can grow, learn, and thrive? Look no further than LocketGo! Our team members are passionate about our culture, and we're always looking for new talent to join us. Don't just take our word for it - take a look at what our team has to say and join us today!
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"Locketgo means a place where you can also improve yourself by working on new projects"
- Nicolas Parent (Developer)
"An outstanding, tightly-knit team with a clear vision for the future!"
- Antoine de La Rue (Executive Assistant)
"LocketGo is the start of a new era of storage and I'm proud to be part of its development process"
- Raphael Camara (Developer)
"I joined Locketgo 2 years ago for mainly two things: Our CEO's strong leadership in bringing an innovative solution for parcels and personal storage and 2nd because I truly believe our solutions will help build a greener planet Earth!"
- Jean Carrier (CSO)
"It's an opportunity to work collaboratively with others towards a common goal, to apply my skills in service of something meaningful, and to make a positive impact on people's lives. It's a chance to learn, grow, and celebrate success as a team"
- Louis Luu Lim (Full-Stack Developer)
"Locketgo is full of opportunities, I'm glad to be part of an innovative and visionary team."
- Maria Diaz (Graphic Designer)
what we do
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