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February 7, 2023


E-commerce is a rapidly growing industry, with no signs of slowing down. As the number of online shoppers increases, so does the need for efficient and secure delivery options. Smart lockers are an innovative solution to the challenges of e-commerce delivery and can provide a number of benefits to businesses

With the ever-increasing popularity of e-commerce, the platform business model is becoming more common. If the platform attracts a large number of users, this model has the potential to increase profits. Platforms require solutions that can help optimise their logistical operations and provide added convenience to customers in order to maximise the capacity of the trucks.

Smart lockers present a great opportunity to provide customers with a physical presence without having to build a shop, such as mobile food stands or popup corners. As an example, LocketGo in Laval, Quebec is providing a service that allows for delivery of goods directly to lockers located in public spaces. Through this, companies can have a physical presence in the heart of the city and target customers more effectively. Additionally, by using smart lockers, companies can reduce delivery times and provide customers with added convenience.

The relationship between e-commerce and smart lockers presents numerous benefits. With the help of smart lockers, e-commerce businesses can benefit from greater control over their deliveries while also providing customers with an improved experience. This allows businesses to brand their own corner and expand their reach. It is also important to note the added security that lockers will provide to high-value orders when compared to leave-at-door. Customers can also pick up their orders quickly and conveniently at these lockers, eliminating the need for long delivery times.

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